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Specialists for FPGA, DSP and GPU based development of digital cameras



The ABS GmbH company is a manufacturer and developer of customized cameras from VIS to SWIR spectral ranges including the corresponding firmware and software. In this context we can use our modular basis camera product line.

Over the course of time a lot of know-how and experience was gained in the fields of electronic design and digital signal processing, systems integration in digital image processing, design of VHDL based image processing modules for FPGAs in camera systems, video signal processing chains, inclusive full matrix dewarping.

ABS GmbH offers modularly realized industrial-suited camera families for industrial, surveillance, scientific, and medical applications. Digital cameras for application fields: industry, video surveillance, medical purposes, broadcasting, microscopy / endoscopy, measurement, traffic surveillance and security technology.

The capabilities of ABS cameras is characterized by application of our customers:

  • cameras with high frame rates and high speed interfaces using FPGAs

  • industrial cameras for rugged environmental conditions, cameras for vehicles,

  • embedded signal processing modules for use in agricultural machines and other automotive supplemental devices.

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